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WOD April 25th – 2018

Weightlifting Wednesday and we’re working on a heavy set of 5 rep backsquat followed by a good leg burner with those medicine ball cleans. Make sure to scale accordingly and perform perfect back squats :). #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD April 25th – 2018 Strength: back squat | build

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WOD April 24th – 2018

Today we’ll be doing some gymnastics strength before doing another benchmark workout called “Helen”. Make sure that during the gymnastics strength you are keeping everything tight and utilising the muscles that are needed in those movements. During the metcon, try and hold on to a good pace

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WOD April 23rd – 2018

A little bit of weightlifting on Monday before we start a partner type workout. Try and shoot for unbroken rounds on the partner workout. You will rest once your partner is going. Just make sure to count it as one round as you both finish one round.

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WOD April 22nd – 2018

Skill Sunday is back after we had a great FAITH RXD last week at Nomad. We’ll be having these from time-to-time so make sure to keep an eye out for it. Today’s Skill Sunday will once again consist of strengthening our handstand position/upper body. Make sure to

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WOD April 21st – 2018

Fun partner workout today. If you have a friend that would like to try us out, today would be a great day to bring them with you as it doesn’t involve a lot of “skill”, just a lot of that conditioning you all love :). Have a

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WOD April 20th – 2018

A CrossFit “girl” workout to end your week. Make sure to scale appropriately for this one as you want to finish under the timecap and start your weekend off right :). #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD April 20th – 2018 STRENGTH – EMOM 10: 1 Hang squat snatch +

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WOD April 19th – 2018

Working on some core and upper body strength today in an EMOM. We’ll be warming-up appropriately for this. After the strength, you will be doing a lower body intensive workout which will have a 20 minute timecap. Expect to finish anywhere from 15 – 20 minutes. #NOMADNESS

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WOD April 18th – 2018

Today you all get a chance to lift some heavy weight off the ground. Just make sure to keep these heavy 5 reps relative for the day. If you feel good and look good on your lifts, go up on them. If you don’t just stick where

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WOD April 17th – 2018

Today we’ve got our own take on “Fight Gone Bad”. This is the first time we’ll be using the bikes in a workout, but you’ll be seeing more and more of these coming back each week. You can start anywhere you’d like, but just make sure to

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WOD April 16th – 2018

Two choices today for your strength. If you’re thinking about doing “Isabel” as your workout, make sure to pick snatch as your strength. You don’t want to pick a snatch movement and do “Grace” afterwards. Make sure to check Zenplanner to see your previous score for these

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