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WOD September 21st – 2017

Goal is to work on cycling some squat snatches and improving rope climb efficiency. Quality interval work today. These workouts are great for burning some fat and keeping intensity seeing as the movements aren’t super demanding. Take this as a recovery day if needed! #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD

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WOD September 20th – 2017

The intent today is to work with the same load for all sets with the push jerk. You are allowed to do these “touch n go” style if you want. The metcon should be done at about an 80 – 85% effort. The shoulder-to-overheads should be done

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WOD September 19th – 2017

The intent of todays workout is to move, breathe, and pace with moderate intensity. Definitely for people who did “Fran” yesterday. Keep a consistent heart-rate to not overkill yourself. Kettlebells should be heavy on the finisher, but the lateral raises will be light for all Nomads (tough

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WOD September 18th – 2017

We’re priming the CNS for the metcon. These efforts on the backsquats should not take away from the metcon time. All sets should be smooth. Fran is a workout meant to be done as fast as possible. Weights should be light and you should be able to

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WOD September 16th – 2017 “Bring A Friend WODurday”

Establish a game plan that allows you minimal transition times. We would recommend splitting the run into 200m intervals. Remember it’s “Bring A Friend WODurday”, so make sure to bring someone new and let them experience a great way to start your weekend with a friend and

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WOD September 15th – 2017

Retest of the power clean. Make sure to record your numbers. Try to complete big sets for the workout and don’t overpace this as it should be a sprint. Weights should definitely be challenging for this one, but not too challenging. #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD September 15th –

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WOD September 14th – 2017

Gymnastic holds today. We’ll review the wall climb before we get started with the EMOM. Goal for today’s workout is to just keep moving. Snatches should be light enough to do them unbroken or in two sets. #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD September 14th – 2017 EMOM 10 minutes:

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WOD September 13th – 2017

Make sure to record your score today. You will need these numbers down the road. This workout should be a sprint and be able to perform big sets on the wallballs. You should be finishing within the 6 – 8 minute range. #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD September 13th

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WOD September 12th – 2017

Look to maintain same splits each round and control breathing during your running. Pull-ups should be completed in no more than 2 sets, as it will take way too long if it’s more than that. We’re aiming for around 90 seconds of rest each round. Finisher will

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WOD September 11th – 2017

There are multiple options that will be good for anybody. If you’re working to a new max, it should take you about 5 – 6 sets. The workout should be a 100% sprint, but break your sets based on your ability. You can do fast singles or

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