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WOD February 18th – 2018 “SKILL SUNDAY”

Alternating back and forth between calories on the row and the barbell. You can choose your weight on the barbell today. Just make sure that it is challenging and you can complete 3 rounds without dropping the barbell on each round. No score today. #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD

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WOD February 17th – 2018

In this partner workout, you can break up the movements however you see fit, finishing all of the reps before moving to the next. This will be a fun one to do with three people. If we are short on pairs of three, we will scale the

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WOD February 16th – 2018

Friday Fun Day and what better way to start it off with a 2k row :)! This workout is meant to be fun and easily tailored for athletes to complete who haven’t been doing CrossFit for awhile. For the advanced athletes, this will be a great push

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WOD February 15th – 2018

Today is the time to push an envelope. This workout gives you guys the opportunity to set a new PR and/or establish new benchmarks fo themselves. We’ll be blasting some music, celebrating some new records, and having some fun! #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD February 15th – 2018 “Onesies”

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WOD February 14th – 2018 “Valentines Day Special WOD”

A special workout just for you guys for Valentines Day. We’ll be breaking up with each other and a couple of minutes later we’ll be making up, haha. We hope you guys enjoy this workout and make sure you bring in your VALENTINE to do this workout

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WOD February 13th – 2018

After warming up, we will be establishing a max heigh box jump in 10 minutes. Once you have found your max height we want you to setup for the workout and warm-up for this as well. Short and fast intervals today with equal rest between rounds. When

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WOD February 12th – 2018

Today’s strength starts with overhead squats. Make sure to choose something you feel comfortable with today. Having to snatch the weight up consistently during the workout will break you. It pays off to pace the rest of the workout so you can do large sets for your

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WOD February 11th – 2018 “SKILL SUNDAY”

Skill Sunday is back once again. This week you get to pick something you want to work on. The coach will help you determine what progression will help you the most, but they’ll also help you with the amount of reps you should be doing. Make sure

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WOD February 10th – 2018

Before the workout, we’ll be working some specific double under drills trying to get you all ready for the Open and make sure you all have your double unders so you can complete them during the workouts :). As for the workout, you will have three minutes

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WOD February 9th – 2018

This big, long chipper hits many of the movements we may see over the course of the Open. With a high rep count, the goal for most Nomads will be to see how far they can get within 20 minutes. To hit proper stimulus the goal is

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