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WOD November 21st – 2017

Break work however you see fit, but record your scores for each round as the score today will be the total amount of rounds and reps completed (count your reps all together). Come up with a plan that gives the most efficient transitions on both the rower

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WOD November 20th – 2017

Squat cleans are done as clusters today where you complete 1 rep, drop, take a step back and then reset up. Focus on technique and adding weight if form permits. This workout is challenging for both your grip and lungs. Use a challenging weight. Squat cleans will

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WOD November 19th – 2017 “Sunday Funday”

We are looking for consistent but space for all splits. This workout is intended to be only as demanding as you want it to be. You should find a pace that you can sustain for the duration. The finisher is completed after all the run work, but

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WOD November 18th – 2017 “Bring A Friend WODurday”

Have fun today and find a way of breaking work to allow for consistency throughout the workout. You can break up the sets however you like, but we advise to come up with a strategy beforehand. #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD November 18th – 2017 “Bring A Friend WODurday”

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WOD November 17th – 2017

Week 1 of speed back squats. All sets should be smooth and explosive with no pause in-between sets. Take 3 – 4 sets to build up to 75% of 1RM and perform all sets every 60 – 90 seconds. Coaches could possible do this EMOM style. During

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WOD November 16th – 2017

Todays work will be more challenging than it looks. It’s up to you how hard you want to push yourself today, but do not overlook how challenging these intervals are and could be. If you’ve been coming in all week, take it as an active recovery day.

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WOD November 15th – 2017

Today we are looking for challenging sets of rows in which you will complete the first 30 reps with a pronated grip and the last 30 reps with a supinated grip. The workout is another interval workout. The goal is for you to complete all sets of

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WOD November 14th – 2017

Guaranteed a lot of you will think this workout doesn’t look too bad, but once you hit the 100 kettlebell swings you don’t want to hit a wall so keep the loads light. Work on pacing for the entire piece even though it starts off rather simple.

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WOD November 13th – 2017

Take 6 – 8 sets and work up to a 2RM front box squat. For those of you that have a current 1RM, try to match that weight. This will differ about 10 – 20% of max front squat. Each AMRAP is intended to be a maximal

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WOD November 12th – 2017 “Sunday Funday”

Complete all sets for “speed” with back squats. Focus on perfect technique today and being explosive out of the hole. Ring rows should be perfect form and focus on engaging the upper back. Challenge yourself with the effort in which you push the sled on each set.

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