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Welcome to the Nomad Community page! Here you’ll get a sneak peak into what it’s like at Nomad. There’ll be blogs from our coaches, stories from our community and pictures!

WOD January 16 – 2018

Another great opportunity to dial in pacing. On the rower get a feel for a good pace that you can sustain and be comfortable with. If you are great at chest-to-bar pull-ups we recommend breaking them up into 2 – 3 sets, however if you need to

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WOD January 15 – 2018

Our strength will be find a heavy one rep for the thruster. Keep in mind that you will NOT be doing this from the rack and will be working from the floor. Coaches will go over the thruster movement with you. Today’s workout is an ascending ladder.

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WOD January 14th – 2018 “Skill Sunday”

You guys asked and we delivered. “Skill Sundays” are back!! Leading up to the Open we’ll be spending more time on movements you tend to see a lot during the open to get you guys ready to crush the Open workouts. Make sure to ask the coach

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WOD January 13th – 2018 “Bring A Friend WODurday”

Fun little workout today. The original is meant to be done as a run, so if you want to put down a benchmark time or just like running, you are more than welcome to do the same amount but in a run. We changed it to rowing

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WOD January 12th – 2018

We’ll be spending some time on overhead and ankle mobility today as we will be using it a lot during the skill/workout. We will be splitting the group up into two groups today. People who have double unders can work on flight simulator. If it’s too hard

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WOD January 11 – 2018

Before the workout we will be doing a warm-up with some renegade rows and hollow rocks. We are slowly going to be working up our new programming to you all and it really won’t fully start till January 22nd. As said in classes we will be offering

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WOD January 10th – 2018

The emphasis on the strength should be on technique. If the load feels light, that’s fine. The coach will let you know if you can go up if form permits. Today’s metcon is intended to be done at 75 – 80% max effort. The 90 seconds of

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WOD January 9th – 2018

“Filthy Fifty” is all about pacing. We recommend going slower than you think. Keep in mind this workout ends with burpees/wallballs which are global movements and the most demanding aspects of this workout. We have also put in “Dirty Thirty” into the system, to make sure some

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WOD January 8th – 2017

Work up to a challenging sets of 5, but with perfect form on the goodmornings. This is not a movement we do regularly with a barbell so be conservative with weight choices. We are looking for both rounds in the metcon to be close in score. Loading

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WOD January 7th – 2017 “Sunday Funday”

Today’s session is intended to be 100% aerobic. You should be able to maintain a pace that is comfortable for you. Today you will split work in half. This type of work is important to improve aerobic power rate at which you can perform a higher level

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