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When I first started, I thought “wow, this is really hard”. But a part of me loved that because without a challenge, there is no change. My goal was to lean up and lose some weight, so I wasn’t very concerned with doing the workouts “Rx”. I would always scale the workouts to my ability and took the transformation as it came. With the right nutrition and coming to class consistently, I lost 50 pounds in 5 months. CrossFit has become part of my everyday and I love it. I started out thinking it will get me in shape for my upcoming ski trip, then I will be done.

– Joey B.

I’m 63 years old and realized I need to keep up my strength and mobility as I age. The coaches are great about scaling the workouts to my ability and teaching me other mobility exercises I can do at home. I attend the women’s only class and have made lots of friends. I also feel stronger and have lots more energy.

– Karen V.

We had recently moved and I hadn’t worked out for about 8 months. I found CrossFit Nomad on the internet when I was looking for a personal trainer. I needed some accountability and a group environment so it seemed like the perfect fit. Since joining, I’ve realized how great the CrossFit community is and how supportive everyone can be with a friendly competitive competition. I have a whole new group of friends my wife and I would not know otherwise. Honestly, the Nomads are my best friends now. Not to mention, I’ve added about 20 lbs of lean muscle and I’m consistently having PR’s.

– Brad M.

Before starting CrossFit Nomad, I trained with long distance and trail running 4 to 7 times a week and standard weight lifting and core training 2 to 3 times a week. I had read and heard a lot about CrossFit through various media and it always peaked my interest. I got started at CrossFit Nomad once a friend mentioned that he started going and loved it. For me, being a runner, the biggest comparison I make in then versus now is that I’m stronger from the hips up. My legs have always been pretty strong but CrossFit has strengthen my core and upper body to such an extent that I now run with better form and become less injured or fatigued. Being able to recover better and run more confidently has been the biggest payoff.

My advice, try it more than once. You’re going to be sore after the first WOD, but keep coming back. The trainers are also there to give you confidence, instruction, and encouragement.

– Casey C.

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